Boys Work and Dead Chipmunks

I’m a hypocrite.As a Biblical feminist who writes, speaks and teaches about women’s equal call to follow Jesus and build the Kingdom of God, I must confess my practical theology breaks down in certain arenas.Like dead things.All my life I’ve had a pathological fear of dead things, probably stemming from my pathological fear of death developed while very young.Unfortunately for me, animals love to drown in our swimming pool.  Mice, birds, toads, and even a squirrel, have ended thei … [Read more...]

Hopefully He’ll Flunk

William, our nine year-old has hated school for two years.He’s this sparkly, funny, creative, curious, energetic, athletic and impish kid.  But, every school day he’d say, “she’s just going to put me on the rug (time-out area)”, “she doesn’t like me”, “I’m scared she’s going to send me to the principal’s office”, “school is so boring - do I have to go” or “school is so dumb, you don’t learn anything for real life.”Now, I’m fully aware he’s no piece of cake to manage…but it broke my heart. … [Read more...]