How I’m Like Whitney Houston

In Whitney Houston’s prime, her voice was angelic, strong, and almost otherworldly.  Her career began in the eighties with a fresh face and bright-eyes, coming from a modeling and gospel music background.  But after years in the industry and her rocky fifteen-year marriage to Bobby Brown, she became a different person.She gave an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2002, in which she was defensive and proud.  She made fun of people on crack, suggested she used more sophisticated drugs, and seemed … [Read more...]

Sleeping My Way To the Top

Yesterday, a friend posted a video of a TED talk where Arianna Huffington argues that her new secret to success is...getting more sleep.I think she's onto something.Her words reminded me of a conversation with a colleague I used to work with.  For years, I'd been awed by this woman's ability to juggle: husband, kids, work, ministry, travel, friends, beautiful home, entertaining...she did it all. Her schedule made me feel like I must be lacking some sort of accomplishment gene, because I … [Read more...]