Are You Enjoying Every Single Moment?

If you’re a parent, how many well-intentioned people have come up to you (usually when you’re frantically trying to pay for your groceries before you and/or your children explode) and said, “I hope you’re enjoying every second, it goes by so fast."Every second?  Really??Glennon Melton writes in Don't Carpe Diem in The Huffington Post:But last week, a woman approached me in the Target line and said the following:“Sugar, I hope you are enjoying this.  I loved every single second of … [Read more...]

Mom Guilt

Motherhood comes with a lot of guilt. My kids don’t eat enough vegetables. I don’t do enough crafts with them. I don’t have them make their beds daily. Well, ever. I don’t greet them fully dressed and with act together in the mornings. I don’t give satisfactory answers to my six-yr-old’s why-does-God-allow-pain questions. I can’t take organic cupcakes secretly laced with nutritional hummus to every church and school occasion. Sometimes I’m too exhausted to make themost of a golden parenti … [Read more...]