Funerals, Pink Floyd, and Mascara

Today I wore regular mascara (not water-proof) to a funeral for an 18-yr-old boy. When will I learn? Don’t answer that.This handsome fellow was killed in a spring break car accident. So, you are tempted to read over that sentence and put him in the college spring break box, right? Mmmm hmmmm, heard that same old story before. Except, this kid was on his way to do mission work. And he was hit while helping another motorist who had been rear-ended. He is what is known in the mothering world as … [Read more...]

My Gift

Conan, a twelve-year-old homeschooled friend of ours, is obsessed with the Revolutionary War.  He spends his days reading about the war, re-enacting the war with figurines he made himself, and playing in the local fife and drum corps.  An eleven-year-old homeschooled friend is a teaching assistant at Harvard.  He spends his days doing problem sets and helping undergrads with their proofs. Another homeschooler we know cooks all day and reads cookbooks late into the night with a headlamp.Like m … [Read more...]

Praise God. For What?

This Thursday, I will celebrate Thanksgiving with international students who've come to Massachusetts for graduate school.  We'll board a bus in Harvard Square and head to New Hampshire for two nights of pies and hiking and board games. This will be my family's fourth year of hosting this get-away, and it has become my favorite holiday.Each year we read Lincoln's Proclamation, an invitation for the entire nation to observe the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving.  It's a r … [Read more...]

Surprised by Sorrow

Zach insisted this fall that we sign him up for the more competitive, traveling soccer team. He lives to play soccer, and I assumed that he wanted to challenge himself against the best players. Halfway through the season, though, he lamented that the travel team wasn't as great as he thought it would be."But you love your team, you’re getting so much better, and you're in first place.  What's the problem?" I asked."I thought there was carpooling.""What?""I thought that if you we … [Read more...]