Fairest of Them All


Julia Roberts. In college I loved her chick flicks. Pretty Woman. Steel Magnolias. So it felt a little odd to take my daughters to see a Julia Roberts flick. It was even stranger to realize that in Mirror, Mirror, a comic take on Snow White, Julia is, um, not the Pretty Woman. Yes, she is still beautiful, but she plays the aging beauty—the stepmother who is losing her powers. And, oh yeah, she’s just a little bit older than me. Ouch. I admit as a child I was not much of a critical … [Read more...]

Bossy Christmas

source: http://gnesiolutheran.com/the-virgin-birth/

I have been really silent here at What She Said. I get really quiet when I’m wrestling. Major indicator you need an attitude adjustment: Your six-year-old son asks, “Mama, why don’t you like Christmas?” Oh, my. Is it that obvious? I suppose if you are short with answers, too busy to play, and constantly asking, “Now, where did I put my coffee?” a sharp boy will notice. Having children has forced my Christmas wrestling to a new level. And this year my schedule doesn’t … [Read more...]