Five Reasons to Let Go, Let God…and Let Simon Cowell

Resolutions, routines, one, two, and five year goals--all the 'best laid plans of mice and men'--are hot topics this time of year.  But what happens when all that goal-setting goes awry?  What if you're working hard and seeing no success?  What do you do when obstacles fall into your path?Many experts would say to keep pushing, overcome, press on, and to never, never, never give up.  And, much of the time, they're right.  Perseverance is, indeed, a quality more of us should develop.  But it's … [Read more...]

Surprised by Sorrow

Zach insisted this fall that we sign him up for the more competitive, traveling soccer team. He lives to play soccer, and I assumed that he wanted to challenge himself against the best players. Halfway through the season, though, he lamented that the travel team wasn't as great as he thought it would be."But you love your team, you’re getting so much better, and you're in first place.  What's the problem?" I asked."I thought there was carpooling.""What?""I thought that if you we … [Read more...]