Everything He Needs to Know . . .

In big cities across the country, parents spend February anxiously awaiting acceptance letters. Getting into college is a huge deal, right?But wait, I’m talking about kindergarten. Everyone knows that your child’s kindergarten experience—what school they attend, their age when you send them, and how they perform—makes or breaks them, right? Those Ivy League aspirations you had for junior? They’re being determined right now.I had never really been concerned about kindergarten. The children … [Read more...]

Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race

When Zach started pre-school and I asked him who he liked to play with, he pointed at two boys and shouted, "I like to play with the black boys the best! But the black boys get in a lot of trouble."I rushed him away from the playground and hoped no one had heard him talking about two of the African American boys in his class. The next day, when Zach pointed at one of the same boys and told me that he had a great time playing with the "blue boy," I realized that he was referring to the color … [Read more...]

One Of Them

 A few years ago, sitting in the park with a group of hip, Cambridge mommas, I was feeling insecure.  These mothers are playwrights, and artists, and very, very Cambridge.  They are fun and liberal and like Margaritas.  And in spite of the fact that I’m politically liberal, I’m usually fun, and I always like Margaritas, I was afraid they wouldn’t think that I was one of them.Why? Because I love Jesus and believe the whole, crazy Jesus story.  Which I know is weird.  But it … [Read more...]