Waking Up

We're on sabbatical in Costa Rica for three months.  We've been here for four days, and I'm pooped.I know, I know.  Poor me.  Living at the beach, dancing merengue, practicing my Spanish, and hanging out with my kids and husband.  Three months of rest, relaxation, and fun.  What kind of ingrate complains about that?And I'm not complaining, really.  It's just that I find it exhausting.If I'm not pumped up on the adrenaline that comes from not knowing how I am going to finish the multi … [Read more...]

No Rest on Vacation for the Weary Mom

“Do you have your phone and your iPod, Christopher? I asked while we got off the plane.  He shook his head as he mumbled an exasperated, “Yes, Mom”.Often, my thirteen year-old leaves stuff behind - a jacket at a friend’s house, a soccer ball on the field, a book in his school locker, homework at home or an iPod on the plane…which makes his exasperation at my question so very ironic.  Also, my children have an uncanny tendency to get sick on trips or pre-trip – we’ve had chicken pox, ear infec … [Read more...]