Mother’s Day Gifts, or Why I Never Get What I Want

My kids all have “Gift Giving” as their language of love.I do not.They love birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, special treats during the week, little surprises on a shopping trip.  And as they’ve gotten older, they also like giving gifts.  So as my birthday and Mother’s Day came 2 weeks apart, “What do you want?” became an ongoing refrain.“Obedience.”Many eye rolls.  “No!  What do you really want?”“I really want obedience.”More huffs, puffs and shaking of heads, “No, what … [Read more...]

This Kindergartener Likes to Sin

I’ve found an terrific mom blogger named Glennon Melton -- she’s engaging, funny, soft-hearted, loves people, loves Jesus and she’s extremely compassionate.  Maybe most importantly, she has flaws and she's willing to honestly write about them with great spirit and humility.What does she do when her kindergarten daughter writes, “I like to sin” on her school assessment?  Here’s her funny story – hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  … [Read more...]

Let There Be Peace on Earth!

‘Tis the season!Once a year our physical mailboxes get more attention than our email inboxes. Here come the Christmas cards!Oh, the dilemmas! Do we send a picture? Should it include us or just the kids? (Really, does everyone need to know about those extra 10 pounds?) Do we look happy enough? Do we look too happy? How much do we say? What about our struggles? Our accomplishments? How do we sum a year in a card?We sent my favorite card ever ten years ago—before the digital era (and the … [Read more...]