11 Things for Which I am Grateful in 2011

1) Seven trees tower over our house- majestic white oaks and enormous tulip poplars. When the wind blows, they sing.2) Taco Bell. The love affair continues. Seriously, have you tried the steak chalupa supreme? If loving it is wrong, I don't want to be right.3) The Internet. When I got this weird insect bite on my thigh (there were three puncture spots...how does that happen?)...the internet. When I needed a recipe for Asian Maple Salmon...the internet. When I got curious about ancient p … [Read more...]

Praise God. For What?

This Thursday, I will celebrate Thanksgiving with international students who've come to Massachusetts for graduate school.  We'll board a bus in Harvard Square and head to New Hampshire for two nights of pies and hiking and board games. This will be my family's fourth year of hosting this get-away, and it has become my favorite holiday.Each year we read Lincoln's Proclamation, an invitation for the entire nation to observe the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving.  It's a r … [Read more...]