Huffington Post Interview

I was recently interview by my friend George Elerick of The Love Revolution who writes articles for the Huffinton Post from time to time. Here is my interview that George wrote on me: What Is the Eucatastrophe and Why Should It Matter to Christianity? [Read more...]

Transform Eastcoast Gathering Worskshop 5/1/10

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TCU’s Community Conversation @ Brite Divinity 4/20/10

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Restoration Theology Part 4: What Do We Do With Jesus?

Restoration Theology Part 4:What Do We Do With Jesus? from Phil Shepherd on Vimeo. [Read more...]

Transform Round Table Episode 01

This is a round table discussion podcast for the Transform Network that Stephanie and I took apart in a couple weeks ago surrounding the topic of what it means to be a missional faith community. We were joined by Pam and Don Heatley, Kathy Escobar, and hosted by Jonathan Brink. You can subscribe to the [Read More...]

Eucatastrophe’s 2010 Lenten Invocation

Leader: darkness is upon our eyes; tomorrow cannot be seen All: give us hope for the morrow hours and sight for today Leader: our joy has found the lips of death and we have tasted betrayal of life All: cleanse the bitter palate that has taken up residence on the tips of our taste buds, [Read More...]

TBA Leadership Event 1/24/10

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