…Do I Deserve To Be Shot?

I am not naive enough to think that this post will make a difference nor that do I claim to understand the grief that the Trayvon Martin’s family is going through. I don’t understand what’s it like to be judged for the color of my skin or the oppression that comes with that. However, I [Read More...]

Who The Hell Is Jesus Part 2

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Huffington Post Interview With James Langteaux

My first published article on The Huffington Post has been published today! It’s an exclusive written interview with my good friend James Langteaux who was on the Whiskey Preacher Podcast last week talking about his new book Gay Conversations With God! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Gay Conversations With God on Amazon! Please [Read More...]

The Whiskey Challenge

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“The Great Divide” Vidcast

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“Is It Wrong?” Vidcast

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“Who The Hell Is Jesus?” Part 1

Here is the link to the Iranian women train as ninja assassins…no this is not a joke! Click here! [Read more...]

Missional X Vidcast

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Pedestals & Pulpits Vidcast

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