Project 333 Update

It’s been three months since I pared my closet down to 33 items and put the rest away in the storage closet. That means it is time to take out all my clothes again and pick another 33 for the next three months.

How I did I do?

Well, I cheated a little bit. I did end up pulling a few things out of my storage closet for particular events. I also really discovered that I need to do laundry a lot more often. There were too many times of LITERALLY nothing in my closet to wear. A completely empty closet with just empty hangers greeting me in the morning.

With so few clothes, it should be easy to do laundry regularly and put the clothes away. I need to get better about that.

When I picked my clothes for the coming 3 months, I found that I kept a lot of the same things. I switched out only, maybe, three things. This suggests that I might know what I really want in my closet and it might be time to donate some of the other clothes to charity.

I was hoping that with some mindful eating I would be a little skinnier and able to fit into more of my clothes, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. We’ll see if I make any progress in the coming 3 months.

Along with this project, I really wanted to declutter around my home. I am rather a terrible housekeeper (my excuse is it gives me flashbacks). It would be easier to keep a neat and lovely home if there was less STUFF. Where does it all come from?

Part of the problem is that I have a hard time resisting free and I bring in free newspapers and things I find by the dumpsters. I enjoy couponing but it’s really hard to keep up with the mountains of paper that creates and keep it all neat and organized!

I haven’t made a whole lot of progress yet in the decluttering, but as I refresh this project I feel revived and inspired again that simplifying our life will still happen!

I have two plans to help me be a better housekeeper.

One is that I have ordered a book that is said to be a textbook of cleaning by Martha Stewart (free with my Amazon credit card points! Yay!)Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home I hope it inspires me and I can keep up with its to-do lists.

Two is a free program called HabitRPG that my friend at work told me about. This is how I intend to keep up with those cleaning to-do lists! It turns your to-do list into a video game. You can level up when you complete your tasks, you can lose health and levels if you don’t finish them. There’s items to buy, random drops, and quests to complete. I’m finding it very motivating even without using the reward system! Just filling my progress bar prompts me to keep going. It has upped my productivity quite a lot. 

I’ve been doing a puja every day thanks to HabitRPG, as well as tidying for 15 minutes, and completing tasks at work faster.



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Full Time Spiritual Life
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    I like your bold honesty for not keeping the house tidy. I know just another woman like you ….. My wife, who is exactly same when it comes to housekeeping, but when I throw a nut then she moans for a while and then things gets done eventually. Oh BTW, I do help, when it comes to tidying the house, so I am not entirely useless. Before I go away, did you menage to put that tape measure away which I spotted on the floor in one of your post picture. If the answer is YES, then it’s progress. On that note ALVIDA and carry on. :)

    • Ambaa

      I used to try so hard to be the perfect woman. I learned to keep house, but I never liked it. Always more interesting things to do. Luckily I married a man who was fully aware of my lack of interest in tidying!

      HabitRPG is working so well for us that when it comes time to do my tidying for the day, I’m struggling to find anything left to tidy! Our home is spotless right now!