I Missed Ganesh Chaturthi

Well, as I was saying a little while back it can be easy to miss Hindu events and festivals when you’re a new Hindu or a Hindu convert. Though I do have a little Hindu community around me, it is still easy to miss things.

We were traveling last Friday, driving back from a trip with Brad’s family, so we didn’t do anything for Ganesh Chaturthi. Which is a shame because it is one of my favorite holidays.

Actually over the last couple of years my two big favorites of the Hindu festivals have become fall Navratri and Ganesh Chaturthi.

I love the symbolism of releasing my worries and regrets back to Lord Ganesha and letting him take them away with him.

I’m sad that I missed it. If I had realized I would have at least done one little thing to acknowledge it. But even though I had mentioned it coming up a couple of times I still managed to miss it.

I wish for myself that I had celebrated it, but I know Sri Ganesha always understands and so I have no worries that he is offended or anything like that. But I thought I should let you know that I am not perfect! I stumble along and do the best I can. And next year I look forward to Garrick Ravi being old enough to make a Sri Ganesha murti with me.

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