Antenatal Depression

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Many of you know that I've struggled with depression in the past (see my post on Hinduism and Depression). I thought that it was resolved and mostly behind me, that I could effectively deal with any little flareups. But within weeks of becoming pregnant it was back in full force.This feels deeply unfair. I'm finally getting everything that I wanted in life, the baby that I worked so hard for, and I can't enjoy it. Depression is in no way logical. I mean, yes you can be situationally … [Read more...]

Where To Find Me On The Web


I thought it would be nice to gather my usernames on various social media sites and get them all in one place! In case you want to follow me elsewhere and maybe see other little tidbits and aspects of my life...YouTubeMy YouTube channel is here. I post videos occasionally, but I'm planning to do a bunch more. My husband and I are starting a video series where we playfully debate with each other on various philosophical issues. I'd like to turn it into a podcast eventually. I'm thinking … [Read more...]

Making Connections


This past weekend I was at a conference in Massachusetts. One of the talks that I went to was about cultural misappropriation, which is always a good topic for me to engage with. There wasn't a lot of new information for me, but it was good to talk about it with new people and get new perspectives.One thing the moderator brought up was the idea that if you are taking something from traditions that aren't yours (or your ancestors') then you have to give back to the tradition in some way. And … [Read more...]

I Don’t Like Kimmy Schmidt (What It’s Really Like to Leave a Cult)

Dedication to SES ceremony when I was 16

There's a show now created by Tina Fey (whose work I do like) called The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And it's doing quite well, which really surprises me. I watched the first few episodes and found it so absurdly unrealistic that I couldn't continue. The premise is that Kimmy Schmidt was one of three young women in a doomsday cult kept underground in a bunker but that her spirit and hope was never broken and once she is liberated she uses that Pollyanna optimism to succeed in life.The people w … [Read more...]

White Hindu Conversations Part Six

No, this isn't me at work. I have a uniform!

Someone on Facebook in a Hindu group posts a chart of Hinduism and for modern philosophies it includes only Advaita. A man comments that he's a born Hindu and doesn't see himself represented. I note that the chart seems to be missing quite a few sects, branches, and philosophies.His response? Hindu is group of sects and sect are not rigid like abrahamic religions So I'm agreeing with him that he doesn't seem to be represented but his response is to make enormous assumptions about me and my … [Read more...]

Reflections on the Week


I came to my computer to write a post and found that my cat is sleeping peacefully on my desk chair. He's too cute to move so I'm typing the best I can around him.This past Friday was Karwa Chauth. Last year I missed it completely. Didn't know it was happening until it was over. This year I knew it was coming but there was no way I could fast. And because of that I didn't really observe it much at all. My awareness of it happening came and went throughout the day. Hopefully next year Brad … [Read more...]

Hindu Names for American Babies


We have been thinking a lot about baby names recently. Hindu tradition is that you wait to name a baby until after it is born. The astrological chart is used to determine the best syllable to start the name with. We have decided, however, to follow American tradition of having names picked out and ready.I want my children to have a Hindu name. They don't necessarily have to go by it but I'd like them to have the option. I also decided that I would pick Hindu names that are easy for Americans … [Read more...]

Spiritual Crisis and Healing


I told you a while back that I would explain what I was doing at a Catholic church recently. After reading Post Traumatic Church Syndrome and having energy work done on me, I felt really inspired and moved to heal myself from the bitterness and anger I carry towards Christianity.Having that in my psyche is not helping me. It's not productive. It's really only hurting me. I've known for years that it's something I need to let go of but I haven't felt ready. I can't explain why it took about … [Read more...]

Philosophical Differences


Last week Brad and I had the pleasure of visiting an ISKCON center and enjoying some bhajans, chanting, and Gita discussion. It was a wonderful atmosphere and very uplifting to be among fellow spiritual seekers.It's not often, I find, that as a Hindu I'm presented with a fundamental philosophical difference between branches. Usually you can just go to any Hindu function, event, or location and know what to expect. There's a great deal of similarity of practice among various Hindu … [Read more...]