My Muslim Friend

by Clémence Delmas (I struggled to find an image because the search "smiling muslim woman" brings up nothing in wikipedia commons!)

There hasn't been much for me to tell you about … [Read more...]

Misplaced Devotion

I've been watching this show called My Crazy … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Cookbook

Not much to look at but it tasted fantastic!

I don't buy cookbooks anymore because Pinterest … [Read more...]

Religious People Have Fun Too


Sometimes it feels weird to wear my bindi when I'm … [Read more...]

White Hindu Conversations Part Five


You know how I was talking about trying to use … [Read more...]

Can You Pray Your Way to a Baby?


Whenever I write something about my process of … [Read more...]

Watch My Daily Puja


Someone on Youtube, seeing my video of my puja for … [Read more...]

Diet And Health


Well, Mother's Day was pretty rough for me. I … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With Holidays

Krishna #1

In America, where we are one of the smallest faith … [Read more...]