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Exclusively Inclusive: Holy Contradiction in a Hindu World {Guest Post}

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What Does Namaste Really Mean?

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It’s My Birthday Today


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Why Do Indians Eat With Their Hands?

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Scenes from a Grocery Store

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At Ganapati’s Feet: book review


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India’s Daughter, My Reaction

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Is Widow Burning (Sati) Part of Hinduism? (Criticisms of Hinduism Series)

"Bazaar art, from the earlier 1900's, with two co-wives shown as satis" by Unknown - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -,_from_the_earlier_1900%27s,_with_two_co-wives_shown_as_satis.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Bazaar_art,_from_the_earlier_1900%27s,_with_two_co-wives_shown_as_satis.jpg

Sati is the name given to a disturbing practice of … [Read more...]