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Welcome to Patheos Premium Content Sites.

My name is Ambaa and I write the White Hindu blog here at Patheos. This new offering is a blog and community that complements the free blog with more details and more resources to help people discover Hinduism or deepen their journey in Hinduism.

I focus on helping support and guide other non-Indian Hindus like myself!

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When you subscribe to The White Hindu Premium, you will have access to:

* Information on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including how they are worshipped

* Advice on getting started at Hindu temples and home worship

* Cultural and lifestyle information for non-native Hindus

* Scripture study (The Gita, The Upanishads, The Vedas)

* Live chats with Ambaa

* Support and advice for bringing more Hinduism into your life.


This content will build up over time as I research and post on the blog.

Mondays will be scriptural study and discussion

Tuesdays will be profiles of Gods and Goddesses, then eventually Indian and Hindu history

Wednesdays will be lifestyle and home life (This may or may not be the same as the Wednesday post on the free blog)

Thursdays will be a book club (Also a post on philosophy on the free blog)

Fridays will be a live chat to discuss anything you like directly with me


If Hinduism is very new to you or you are just exploring whether you might want to be a Hindu, this is a good place to start: New To Hinduism? (This page will be redone for the premium channel with more detailed replacements for most of the posts)