The Bindi and the Job Interview

Over the summer I quit my office job to write full time. It turns out that I was a little premature in that decision and our budget is stretched far too tight for comfort right now. So I started looking for a part time job near our home to supplement my writing income. It had to be part time and it had to be close enough to our house for me to walk because my husband and I share one car.As I put in applications at Target, Subway, Game Stop, and grocery stores I started to wonder about my … [Read more...]

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A Day In The Life of a Religious Minority

(Note: I am on my honeymoon this week, so if your comment doesn't show up right away, give me a day or two!)There are some ways in which I have privledge in this society and other ways in which I definitely don't. Religious privledge is something I'm lacking and so it is interesting to me to see those who do have it calling me too sensitive or silly or disrespectful to their religious rights.Let's do a little exercise. I will tell you a little about what it's like to be a non-Christian … [Read more...]

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Are Liberals Ashamed to Be American?

Recently I had a much more productive conversation with my half-Indian coworker than before. It was a slow, quiet Friday afternoon. There were only three people in the office and he happened to be working on a project right next to me.I don't remember how we started but we were soon talking about the differences between Americans and Indians. Particularly around politics and "corruption." He has a fascinating theory that bribery and corruption create a bond of trust between the common man … [Read more...]

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You Americans and Your Divorces

I wonder sometimes what it is like to grow up somewhere other than America and what America looks like from these other places. I see it occasionally through other eyes and it seems like too many people see it as a big lump of everything that is wrong.I get comments sometimes along the lines of "You Americans are so lazy" or "You Americans have no morals." And I look over my right shoulder. Over my left. Who is this person talking to?America is a huge place and because it is a young … [Read more...]

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