Happy July 4th!

Today is the day that we Americans celebrate our independence and becoming our own country (I say that as though I were there in the 1770s, but growing up in the birthplace of the Revolutionary War will do that to you).You know, it strikes me as interesting that so many places have an independence day and that day is nearly always independence from British rule. Europe in general did a pretty stellar job taking over the planet.But all things change and no matter what situation you are … [Read more...]

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Are Liberals Ashamed to Be American?

Recently I had a much more productive conversation with my half-Indian coworker than before. It was a slow, quiet Friday afternoon. There were only three people in the office and he happened to be working on a project right next to me.I don't remember how we started but we were soon talking about the differences between Americans and Indians. Particularly around politics and "corruption." He has a fascinating theory that bribery and corruption create a bond of trust between the common man … [Read more...]

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Interviews with Americans of Indian Ethnicity: Mahesh

I have a new series for you, which is a set of interviews with a variety of young people who are American but have Indian families. I feel like I have a lot in common with the children of immigrants from India. We both are struggling to understand culture and religion that is divorced from its origin.  I have the advantage of being assumed to be American which is a pretty shitty thing, in my opinion. I hate that whiteness is seen as purely American and other ethnicities are not. Half my family … [Read more...]

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You Americans and Your Divorces

I wonder sometimes what it is like to grow up somewhere other than America and what America looks like from these other places. I see it occasionally through other eyes and it seems like too many people see it as a big lump of everything that is wrong.I get comments sometimes along the lines of "You Americans are so lazy" or "You Americans have no morals." And I look over my right shoulder. Over my left. Who is this person talking to?America is a huge place and because it is a young … [Read more...]

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