The Truth About Atheists

Something I hear a lot from fellow religious people is this sentiment: I might think other religions are wrong, but at least I understand where other people of faith are coming from. Atheism is something completely alien. I can't understand someone who doesn't believe in any kind of God! I used to feel the same way.You can see bhakti in people of other religions. Often I can see how my conception of God overlaps with someone else's concept of God. As a kid and a teenager, I was deeply … [Read more...]

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Are Religious People “Better” People?

I am a religious person. That's part of my identity and how I navigate life. Yet, apparently, some people think that if you call yourself a religious person, it means you think you're better than everyone else. Either that or you really ought to be better than everyone else.This came up for me based on a comment I made on another blog. I won't link to it, since the person who got upset with me did so because of me drawing attention to the negative review my book got on Amazon. He thought it … [Read more...]

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