Top Posts of July

I've seen some other Patheos writers do a summary post of their most popular posts of the past month and I thought that was a really good idea. Since I have Google Analytics on my page, I can look up and see which posts got the most attention and that should help me to learn what people are looking for so I can give you more good content.The most popular posts here for last month were:1) No Wedding Night Sex?Okay, I can see how this would draw some traffic, even though that wasn't … [Read more...]

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The Ten Avatars of Vishnu: a Guide

Avatars are not just a cartoon show or a movie or a video game persona. The word "Avatar" comes from a Sanskrit word that means "descent" and it refers to when a deity manifests in an earthly embodiment.Some believe that there is no limit to possible avatars and God will be born in the world whenever there is a severe need. People with this belief may see Jesus as an avatar, as well as many other respected spiritual teachers.Others believe in the ten avatars of Vishnu: that there are a … [Read more...]

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