Letting Go Is The Hardest Part

It's been a little while since I spoke of my infertility struggles. It's something that is present in my life every moment of every day and it's difficult for me to focus on anything else these days. (Hence a slow down on the writing, unfortunately). There's not much left to say about it. I do everything I can to make my body healthy and try again and again to find myself pregnant. No luck as of yet.I've been noticing something recently. When you learn about prayer or wishing or "the secret" … [Read more...]

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Garbhadhana: The Ritual of Conception

In Hinduism there are 16 major life rituals called Samskars or Sanskars (संस्कार) and one of them relates to a husband and wife conceiving a child. My husband and I want to have children and so this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill a samskar (although, I think the samskar counts as part of the child's life!)When I was in India I picked up a copy of this book...It has a lot of long-winded essays about why more people should be doing these rituals but in the second half it also has … [Read more...]

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A Story of Adoption

Clearly reading posts on the Internet about adoption is doing nothing more than filling me with fear and doubt. To get a more grounded persepective, I turned to my cousin.Liz has lived through many aspects of the adoption world, from being in foster care to being adopted to having her own child (who is SO adorable!)I asked Liz to tell us a little bit about the process and her thoughts about it. Listening to her, I realize that I tend to have fears to do something if anything could go … [Read more...]

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Weddings and What Comes After

Sometimes I feel like I'm rushing through life stages. Things got a little crunched because it took me a lot longer than I expected to find a life partner. Now I've found the perfect man for me. He is so very good to me and we see eye to eye on nearly everything. I used to think when I was younger that I would want some years with my husband to just enjoy each other before we had kids, but these days I don't feel that way anymore. I long for children in a way that I can't even describe. My body, … [Read more...]

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