Best Hindu Apps of 2015

Sorry it's so blurry. The image in person is actually very crisp and beautiful

I wrote a long time ago about smart phone apps that can support your spirituality but a lot has changed since then so I thought it was time to do it again!Last night I searched for Hindu apps and downloaded a bunch to try. Here is what I found... Wallpapers It started with Shiva Wallpapers by Peaksel (It says 99 cents on Amazon but I'm pretty sure it was free when I went through Google Play Store). As the reviews say there are a lot of ads in this app. They are quite invasive. But it … [Read more...]

Check Me Out! Kirtan in MA

Photo by Kenneth Larsen

My friend Ken Larsen took some pictures at the kirtan singing night we had while Brad and I were visiting in Boston.I sat at the front with my friend Lata. Her voice is incredible. I wish she would come out with a CD!In one picture you can see my dad and my husband. Brad is wearing the kurta I got him at Fab India. He loves it! Let's not even talk about how desperately I need to buy new bras :(I was going to try to lead the one bhajan I've been practicing (yes, for now the purple … [Read more...]

Visiting in MA

Brad and I have come to Massachusetts to celebrate my mom's birthday. After a family brunch, we went out to a kirtan singing that my mom put together with her friend Lata (I'm pretty certain that if you're Indian and you live in MA, you know Lata).As we sat and sang, Lata's gorgeous voice blending with her harmonium, it struck me how very lucky I am to have this family.So many non-Indian new Hindus that I speak to are dealing with families who don't know anything about Hinduism, who are … [Read more...]

Ambaa Starts Bhajan Practice


Brad and I have been attending a Sathya Sai Baba bhajan singing group for a little over a year now. We love the community there. We don't manage to get there every week but we do try. It's a nice little service most of which is people leading bhajans.Bhajans are a call and response type hymn with simple lyrics (though sometimes complex melodies).My friends there have been encouraging me to try leading one of these songs and so I've taken some weeks to pick one out and start … [Read more...]

Some People Are Outgoing, Right?

Sometimes I am frustrated with my own timidity.There are things I want to do but then shyness suddenly overtakes me. And I berate myself later, but in that moment my confidence fails me. Last week it was the Yatra where I should have asked for blessings for Brad and myself and I chickened out.This week I went early to Sathya Sai Baba bhajan group for the practice session. Some of the ladies there have been asking me if I'm going to try leading a song and once they put the idea in my … [Read more...]

Religion is a Drug

I don't mean that in a "religion is the opiate of the masses" kind of way, but I realized recently that there is nothing like the blissful high of joining with a faith community and singing.Every Saturday that we can manage it, we walk the half mile to the Sathya Sai Baba group and sing bhajans for an hour.I throw myself into the songs and my voice, along with my spirit, feels lifted up by the voices all around me. It is the greatest experience I've ever felt.Even on days when I feel … [Read more...]

Bhajan Singing

I went back to the Sathya Sai Baba group on Saturday for their more regular service.It's always challenging to be in a new place with unfamiliar people, but I know if I keep at it, I'll make friends and become part of the fabric of the group.The first part was practice for the bhajans, which are hymns. I didn't know what to expect from that, but it turned out to be quite difficult for me. I thought there would be lyric books to look at, but there turned out to be only one. I was given … [Read more...]

Music to Enjoy

Sorry I'm late posting today! I got caught up with some things at my office and lost track of time.I wanted to share something that I found on YouTube. This woman sings beautiful kirtans and mantras. She seems to be another white Hindu! Happy Friday! … [Read more...]