The Hardest Thing About Blogging

There's something about human nature that no matter how much praise we get, one criticism burns so deeply it seems to negate all the praise and we fixate on that one negative comment.As it turns out, blogging is probably best for people with an ability to brush off criticism. People who have internalized that not everyone is going to love you or love what you're doing. And so be it.I know that in my mind, but my heart has a hard time accepting it.Blogging means putting yourself out … [Read more...]

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Why Do I Blog?

I wonder sometimes what it is that compels me to put my thoughts and feelings as I experience life up on the Internet for anyone to read. My blog is not a news blog, it's not an advice blog, it's not even a philosophy blog. I don't know what the purpose of my musing is. I think it is just to connect with other people.At a fairly young age I discovered that I don't communicate well in person. I struggle with face to face communication, but I shine when it comes to writing. I've had some of … [Read more...]

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