Bhakti Is The Foundation

Advaita Vedanta has a reputation for being very cerebral. It's a path of study, thinking, debating, talking, and learning. In very general terms it seems that if you want the path of study, you become an Advaitan. If you want the path of devotion you become a Vaishnava. If you want action you become a Shivite. If you want mysticism you become a Shakti. But as I've said before, there is a balance of all these different elements and it's a very rare person who can be fully one and not any of the … [Read more...]

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Shiva, my old friend

A little while ago a commenter here on the blog summed me up. They said I was an Advaitan with Shivite leanings. I thought about that and wondered if that is what I am. There's no doubt that I'm an Advaita Vedantist. That is my branch of Hinduism for sure. And there is also no doubt that Lord Shiva is the focus of my practice.You may remember my stories about the Nataraja statue that I discovered when I was 18 and about to leave for college. I had grown up with a lot of Indian philosophy … [Read more...]

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The Branches of Hinduism

As we've said here before, Hinduism as a word covers a huge number of behaviors and practices. It's really difficult to pin down what Hinduism is because it is more a way of being than it is a particular code to follow. There were a number of religious traditions that got swept up into that one word when the British first came to India. These days there are still a lot of different traditions and schools of thought, but there are some main ones that can categorize the beliefs of most Hindus. If … [Read more...]

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