How Does Hinduism Differ From Buddhism? [Google Questions Answered]

Curious to know what people were wondering about Hindus and Hinduism, I went to Google and entered some prompts. For example, I typed "How Does Hinduism" and then paused to see what questions would come up. Today's question is... How Does Hinduism Differ From Buddhism? This is a great question and I'm glad people are asking it. I'm glad people are trying to understand the differences between religions and not just lumping them all together as the same thing.Hinduism and Buddhism are … [Read more...]

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Interviews with Americans of Indian Ethnicity: Mahesh

I have a new series for you, which is a set of interviews with a variety of young people who are American but have Indian families. I feel like I have a lot in common with the children of immigrants from India. We both are struggling to understand culture and religion that is divorced from its origin.  I have the advantage of being assumed to be American which is a pretty shitty thing, in my opinion. I hate that whiteness is seen as purely American and other ethnicities are not. Half my family … [Read more...]

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Bonus: Brad Speaks on Self-Cultivation as Meditation

Today there are two posts on the blog! This second post was inspired when my fiance read Monday's about different kinds of meditations (also, note in the comments that someone suggested chanting meditation, which is one I didn't think of). I asked him to speak to you all about his meditation practice...Hello all,This is Brad, I am Ambaa's fiance. She suggested that I write a guest post on my practice so here I am. First, I suppose, you require a little history to understand where I am … [Read more...]

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True Story of a False Guru

The American Buddhist blog has a very interesting article that really fits the theme of yesterday's post about being careful about what guru you follow.He speaks about a documentary movie where a disillusioned Hindu man sets out to prove that gurus can be anyone, whether qualified or not. It apparently examines the current landscape of American spirituality, particularly in the "yoga movement."I'm very interested to see this movie! Thus builds the climax of the film: Kumare’s “ … [Read more...]

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