Which Is It?

You may have noticed that I talk about how long I've been a Hindu in different ways at different times. Was I born Hindu or did I convert? As with many things, it depends a lot on how you look at it and so I shift how I talk about it depending on context.I like to use the word "convert" because it expresses the unique challenges that come up for people who have cultural or racial barriers to the religion they are practicing. It's true, of course, that most Hindu sects don't have a … [Read more...]

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My Mood in Clothes

I've noticed that how I dress has a strong correlation with my mood. Have you ever noticed this in yourself? Maybe it's a girl thing, because we have so many options of things to wear.Each outfit I put on is a costume of sorts. It transforms how I feel and behave. On different days and different moods, different outfits feel right. On any given day I could be any one of these characters...        But w … [Read more...]

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Why Am I Called The “White” Hindu?

It comes up over and over, people wondering why I'm calling attention to my race. After all, in Hinduism we are all One God. Gender and race don't give us different amounts of God. Everything is part of that One universal God.I started writing on the Internet in 2009. At that time I was frustrated and lonely, feeling like I was the only non-Indian Hindu around! I felt like Indians were wary of me or didn't believe that I was a Hindu or fully a Hindu. A lot of times I felt unwanted. I heard … [Read more...]

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