How To Help Nepal

I've been wanting to talk about the disaster in Nepal but I'm sorry to say that I've been very overwhelmed by the tragedy unfolding a few miles from my home and it has been difficult to focus on anything beyond Baltimore.There isn't much to say about the terrible earthquake. Unfortunately there are those who think that what that is to say is that God is punishing people for not believing in Jesus. I have been shocked to see some very credist tweets from evangelical Christians basically … [Read more...]

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Why We Must Help

As Hindus, I think we have a unique call to help others. Unlike the religions of the west, the religions of "the book," we believe that every living creature has God within it. Our true Self, our true nature as human beings is divine. We treat others as we would like to be treated because that "other" is us. Every other person on the planet struggling is us struggling.Because of the belief in reincarnation, that bad situation half a world a way could literally become our circumstances. We … [Read more...]

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