It’s Easy For Kids To Be Generous

I like to think that I'm an ethical and good person, right? I sure hope that I am. But sometimes I wonder whether I would be as moral as I hope if I were in a challenging situation. How can we know ahead of time if we would respond in a dharmic way when faced with a huge challenge?I feel like it was easier for me to be selfless and generous when I was a kid. I had my parents' care and money to fall back on, so I could afford to be generous. Not to brag, but I had some good moments of ethical … [Read more...]

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How to Raise Hindu Children

I will be posting about my wedding soon. It all went great! I want to wait to get some of the pictures from the photographer to show you, so hopefully next week or maybe the week after we'll have a wedding update! *** This month for back to school Patheos has a theme on how we go about raising our children to pass on our beliefs and our values.I know that to some extent, kids are going to eventually grow up and make their own decisions about religion, spirituality, and belief. They may … [Read more...]

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We Need This!

Saw this on Pinterest: What is it? It's an adorable foam/felt children's "mass kit." In other words, it's a play set for Catholic children to act out the Catholic worship service.How cute is that?Now, I've seen small kid sized thali and puja sets, but have you ever seen a foam or felt one for the real little kids? I totally want one! I may have to make one out of crochet. Can you picture it? Crocheted and felted thali, diyas, etc. … [Read more...]

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