Post Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Review

I was sent this book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, as part of Patheos's book club. I actually requested it because I remember reading some of the blog that it was based on and loving the concept. The title is also fantastic. Really hits the lubricated nail on the head.The basic idea is that Reba grew up in a very religious Pentacostal family (a branch of Christianity) and when she lost her childhood faith it was very crushing. On her 29th birthday she gets the radical idea to try to heal … [Read more...]

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Book Review: Resurrection Year

Each month Patheos offers its bloggers books that they can read for free and review. Even though most of them are Christian, including this one, I requested it because it is about a struggle with infertility. As Brad and I are about to embark on the journey towards potential parenthood, this book seemed very relevant for us.There's no reason to think that we will have trouble conceiving, but it's always a possibility and so I thought it would be good to learn about how this real life couple … [Read more...]

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