Post Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Review

I was sent this book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, as part of Patheos's book club. I actually requested it because I remember reading some of the blog that it was based on and loving the concept. The title is also fantastic. Really hits the lubricated nail on the head.The basic idea is that Reba grew up in a very religious Pentacostal family (a branch of Christianity) and when she lost her childhood faith it was very crushing. On her 29th birthday she gets the radical idea to try to heal … [Read more...]

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If I Could Have Been Christian, I Would Be

One of the reasons why evangelical Christians upset me so much is that they fail to understand that I've already tried Christianity and it broke my heart that I couldn't be one.For people who believe that Christianity is the only true path to God, it's impossible for them to understand how a person could actually be introduced to it, be part of it, try it, and reject it. That must be some devil work, right?The fact is, I tried with everything I had to be Christian and I couldn't do … [Read more...]

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Which Religion Is “Winning”?

Based on a post from a Christian collegue of mine, I'm going to say something that might sound crazy: It's great if a young Hindu in India starts believing in Jesus and converts to Christianity. Good for her! I'm so glad she's found a path that makes her happy and inspires her to do good in this world.It's great if a white American finds Islam to be the perfect path for her. It's great if someone from Switzerland decides to become a Buddhist. It's great if someone who grew up Muslim … [Read more...]

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Is Christianity Peaceful? Is Peacefulness a Measure for Truthfulness?

Believing, as I do, that all religions have a core of peace and love for all humanity, I asked some people of Christian and Muslim faith to talk to me about the ways in which those religions encourage peace. Not everyone agreed with my conclusion! David French wrote a post in response to my question to say that it was wrong to equate the amount a religion is peaceful with how true it is.He says Christianity is not a religion of peace. That surprised me! From what I've heard about Jesus he … [Read more...]

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What I Don’t Get About Christianity

The comments on my Christmas post are getting to me. I'll tell you why I'm offended: because I have a close connection with God. I feel God with me in every moment of my life and Christians like Avi do not think that's possible because they have an exclusive "in" with God. They think they have to pray on my behalf (God: "I was going to send Ambaa to hell for all eternity, but I guess if you say she's all right, I'll show her some grace.") They think that I'm missing out on some profound … [Read more...]

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Christmas is a Problem

I kind of hate to confess this. Particularly since I'm just now getting to know some of you. But the truth is: I have a problem with Christmas.December in America is a tough time for me.A lot of people don't understand that. They say Christmas has become so secularized that it isn't a religious holiday anymore, just a cultural ones. If that were true, it might be okay, but there's a lot of Christians who are upset about the commercialization of their holiday and upset that the religious m … [Read more...]

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