Compassion for a Friend

A friend of this blog who is both a non-Indian Hindu like me and also gay has written a heart breaking essay about his experiences of homosexuality and Hinduism. It's a must read!Empty Without EmpathyHe urges us to have compassion for others and acknowledge their hurts even if the material world is not the ultimate reality. He asks us not to distance ourselves from the suffering of our friends and neighbors with philosophical platitudes. It is my own personal theory that these kinds of … [Read more...]

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Why Do I Have to Walk on Eggshells?

Why is everyone so darn sensitive these days? Why has political correctness gotten so out of control? Why am I the one who has to walk on eggshells around people so they don't get their precious feelings hurt? If you've ever said or thought things like this, then this blog post is for you! I'm here to explain the answer to these questions.Think about what the purpose of political correctness is. Is it to make your life more difficult? Is it to be annoying? No, of course not. Its purpose is … [Read more...]

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Karma: Misunderstood

The concept of karma is something that people seem to have a lot of misunderstanding about. The comments on my post about verse five of the Isha Upanishads inspired me to talk a little bit about it. These are big, big concepts. There aren't quick and simple answers here because in order to understand someone else's religion and beliefs, you do have to be able to set aside your own and see through that person's eyes. The Hindu way of looking at sin and punishment is just so completely different … [Read more...]

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