Which Religion Is “Winning”?

Based on a post from a Christian collegue of mine, I'm going to say something that might sound crazy: It's great if a young Hindu in India starts believing in Jesus and converts to Christianity. Good for her! I'm so glad she's found a path that makes her happy and inspires her to do good in this world.It's great if a white American finds Islam to be the perfect path for her. It's great if someone from Switzerland decides to become a Buddhist. It's great if someone who grew up Muslim … [Read more...]

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Phases of the Convert

I go back and forth on whether I call myself a convert, sometimes depending on the circumstance. The truth is that I am a weird hybrid where I grew up on stories from The Mahabharata, chanting Sanskrit prayers, practicing transendental meditation, and reading the Gita. At the same time, I didn't identify those things as Hindu things. Despite all these things, I figured I was Christian because that's what everyone else around who looked like me was. I never had a Christian worldview, as I … [Read more...]

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How to Explain Hinduism

It's sometimes hard for me to remember that Hinduism can seem extremely strange, foreign, or confusing to people who aren't familiar with it. Maybe they've heard the word, they know it's associated with India, but that's it.In America there are a lot of times when you find yourself in an interfaith dialog. People ask you what Hinduism is and you're at a loss to sum it up or people want to open a pathway to encouraging you to convert to their religion.What is Hinduism?It's a good idea … [Read more...]

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Honoring Family Traditions

This one falls into the category of what it's like to practice a religion that your extended family does not.I'm lucky that a lot of my family and extended family know a fair amount about India and Hinduism. I have some extended family who are Hindu and some family married in that are Indian.But still, there are many family traditions that come through a Christian path. One side of my family was Catholic and the other side was Lutheran. Many of them still practice, though my parents left … [Read more...]

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Is New Faith Delicate?

Sometimes it seems like people feel like my faith is delicate and needs to be protected.I can understand that. One might be worried that I've seen and liked the peace and love hippie 70s version of Hinduism in the west and that when I get exposed to more variety of Hinduism, that I will be disappointed and give up on it (Hint: I've already seen many, many, many sides to Hinduism and Hindus).I suppose in the beginning for a convert, your faith is kind of delicate like that. You're l … [Read more...]

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