Panel: Honoring or Appropriation?

My friend Andrea is often my consultant when it comes to issues of cultural mis-appropriation. She and my husband were the first to teach me about these issues. I have learned so much from both of them about racism and how what I do could be seen as inappropriate or stealing. I am so grateful for their input!Andrea found this wonderful podcast and sent it to me. It is a panel discussion among Pagans of various traditions (and a white devotee of Kali!) about cultural misappropriation. This is … [Read more...]

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White Hindu Stereotypes

UPDATE: I've caused some offense to my friends and I must apologize.  I didn't realizehow the tone here comes across. I did not intend to be judgmental or to say that I'm somehow a "better" Hindu than others. My intention was to show that there is variety in us non-Indian Hindu practictioners but I work hard to not judge other people's spiritual lives. There's no way to compare! My tone may have been influenced by reading the opinions of Indian American young women who find hippies disengenous a … [Read more...]

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Quiz: Religious or Cultural?

Today we're going to play a little game. For each thing I mention, you decide if it is something that is relevant to Hinduism as a religion or is part of Indian culture and not tied to Hinduism.I've mentioned before that I find it very difficult to separate out what is cultural from what is religious for a lot of Hindu things. Hinduism having grown and developed closely with Indian cultures, teasing those things apart can be impossible in some cases.So I want to hear your thoughts about … [Read more...]

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Russel Peters: Race and Culture

Russel Peters is an Indian stand up comic and he's got some great material. He discusses race a lot in his shows and the other day my friend and I were watching one of his routines and he started talking about how race and culture are different things. This was very interesting to me because I think I'm exactly the reverse of him. He says he felt like he was Indian until he arrived in India and it struck him just how Canadian he is. Because racially he's Indian and culturally he's Canadian. I … [Read more...]

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