Indian Grocery Stores and Awkwardness

First of all, Happy Maha Shivratri! Wish me luck on the fasting and staying up all night! *** In my experience there are few things more difficult than walking into a new place where you don't really fit in or know the protocol.Going to the Indian grocery store is like that for me. Or at least, going to a new one is. There's one really close to my home and I feel pretty comfortable there. I know where things are.But last week I needed more hair oil and I had recently discovered an … [Read more...]

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Non-Desi Hindu: What I Look Like to Others

Our friend Andrea noticed an interesting thread on Reddit a while back and pointed it out to me. It's a group for American born Desis (people of south Asian heritage) and they are discussing how they feel about non-Desi Hindus (or other Indian religions).'ve said before, I feel like my experience most closely mirrors the experiences of American born Desis. I relate to them. I think they and I are working … [Read more...]

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I Am Not a Statistic

I'm just me. A single human being trying to make sense of the world that I find myself in.I can't speak for other Hindus or even other Advaitans. I have my understanding that makes sense to me, but all I can know is my own heart.There are times when I feel like groups want to claim me for their side, want me to espouse their philosophy, want to add me to their ledger book. But I'm not just a non-Indian Hindu. I'm one person who lives a Hindu life to the best of her ability.Even as I … [Read more...]

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Interviews with Americans of Indian Ethnicity: Mahesh

I have a new series for you, which is a set of interviews with a variety of young people who are American but have Indian families. I feel like I have a lot in common with the children of immigrants from India. We both are struggling to understand culture and religion that is divorced from its origin.  I have the advantage of being assumed to be American which is a pretty shitty thing, in my opinion. I hate that whiteness is seen as purely American and other ethnicities are not. Half my family … [Read more...]

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