Diwali 2015 [Hindu Holiday]

So first off we went to the midwife yesterday and everything went great. We heard the fetus's heartbeat! It was pretty amazing. Helped to make it all feel real and the pain I'm going through worth it. The midwife was concerned about my mental state, though, and she is sending me to a therapist so I can hopefully get out of this funk and enjoy my pregnancy!One of the biggest Hindu holidays of the year is coming up next week. Diwali (also called Deepavali) is happening on Wednesday November … [Read more...]

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Diwali Time!

For many Hindus, this is the biggest celebration of the year! It is known to some as the "festival of lights" and to others as the "Hindu new year" (actually, when the new year is depends a lot on your sect and the region of India you're from, etc.)In America Diwali is probably the biggest celebration among the Hindu diaspora and it gets the honor of being the "Christmas equivalent." In America Christmas is huge (whether folks are religious or not) and each minority religion gets a holiday … [Read more...]

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Happy Diwali! Shubh Deepavali! [Hindu Holiday]

Diwali is one of the biggest holidays of the Hindu calender. It's the last big festival before the quiet month of December. Particularly in the west, Diwali is an opportunity for outreach and many Hindu groups in America hold melas (celebrations) designed to bring in non-Hindus to learn more about Hinduism.For many it is the mark of the Hindu new year (some regions have their own individual new years). It is often called the Festival of Lights and one of its most recognizable features is … [Read more...]

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