Miracles and Gurus

I think I am a great example of how important it is to be patient and cautious when waiting for a guru. I've always advised you to exercise great care before dedicating yourself to a spiritual leader. You have the Truth within you and you shouldn't give your power over to someone who doesn't deserve it. And the vast majority of spiritual leaders don't deserve it. There's a lot of frauds out there and there's a lot of misguided people who become leaders because of not pure motives and still have … [Read more...]

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Faith, Doubt, and Guru-Bhakti

As excited as I was to get a baby blessing from my Guru, as positive and energized and hopeful as it made me feel, it's difficult to avoid glimmers of fear and doubt.Just like how "faith healers" operate, if your wish doesn't come true then you get the blame for it. You doubted. You weren't totally confident the Guru could do it. Your faith wasn't strong enough.I don't want to have doubts.I want to have perfect Guru-bhakti (devotion) and trust with all my mind and heart and soul … [Read more...]

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Is New Faith Delicate?

Sometimes it seems like people feel like my faith is delicate and needs to be protected.I can understand that. One might be worried that I've seen and liked the peace and love hippie 70s version of Hinduism in the west and that when I get exposed to more variety of Hinduism, that I will be disappointed and give up on it (Hint: I've already seen many, many, many sides to Hinduism and Hindus).I suppose in the beginning for a convert, your faith is kind of delicate like that. You're l … [Read more...]

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Religion in Games

I love Penny Arcade's Extra Credits videos. They are always intelligent and interesting. They spend about ten minutes at a time exploring an aspect of gaming and story telling. (I'm a bit of a geeky gamer girl).The other day my boyfriend pointed out that they had a new video up about religion in games. Perfect topic for me!Check out the parts on religion and … [Read more...]

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