Meet a Guru: Ram Das

Ram Das is an American Hindu (born in the Boston area, just like me!) who I think is most famous for the book Be Here Now. He's not necessarily a guru, per se, but he has taught and explained the ideas given to him by his guru and has a foundation and a following.Wikipedia quotes him as saying, "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people..."BackgroundRam Das's name was originally Richard Alpert and he was born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts in … [Read more...]

Meet a Guru: Osho

To be honest, at this point the only thing I know about Osho is that he is a controversial figure. That made me curious, so I'm going to do some research and find out more...BackgroundIt seems that young Osho (born Chandra Mohan Jain) was a thinker and liked to question authority. He claimed enlightenment when he was 21 years old (note: I've always been taught that if someone claims to be enlightened, that's a pretty good indicator that they aren't. A holy man shows his holiness, he … [Read more...]

Meet a Guru: Gurumayi

A woman known as Gurumayi Chidvilasananda is the current leader of the Siddha Yoga tradition.BackgroundThe path was founded by¬†Swami Muktananda based on teachings from his guru Bhagawan¬†Nityananda. It was in 1975 that Muktananda began opening ashrams and schools in America.Gurumayi started in the tradition as a child in India. Her parents brought her and her brother to study with Muktanada in the 1950s. By 14 she had her official initiation ("shaktipat") and she lived at the ashram. M … [Read more...]