Budget Peace of Mind

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You guys know me and money. It makes me so stressed and my instincts are to hang on tight to money and never spend any. I know how to penny pinch and I coupon at the grocery store. Even if we have money in the bank account, I'm never sure if we really have enough and so I make my husband not buy the potato chips he wants. I'm very stingy. My default answer to can we go to the movies is no because I just don't spend. Ever.But I just found out about a budgeting software that can actually make … [Read more...]

Artha: My Difficult Relationship with Money


This post is going to be long, complicated, and messy. Pretty much reflective of my relationship with money.I don't know why I have such a difficult time with the concept of money. One of the goals of Hindu life is Artha: wealth and prosperity. Not just monetarily, but prosperity in lots of ways. It's good to build abundance. Yet I feel crushing guilt over trying to do that.I want money. I'm scared of money. I'm scared of not having enough. I'm scared that trying to get it makes me a bad … [Read more...]