Hinduism in Video Games

Did you know that there are computer and video games based on Hindu mythology? Actually, they are pretty much all the Ramayana, cause who can resist that action-packed story? :) Most are for kids and I'm disappointed that there aren't way more!Hinduism at About.com has an article highlighting a few flash games: http://hinduism.about.com/library/weekly/aa092300a.htmThis free games site has a Ramayana game too: http://www.f-r-e-e-games.com/Games-Adventure/Game-Ramayana.htmThere's even a … [Read more...]

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Religion in Games

I love Penny Arcade's Extra Credits videos. They are always intelligent and interesting. They spend about ten minutes at a time exploring an aspect of gaming and story telling. (I'm a bit of a geeky gamer girl).The other day my boyfriend pointed out that they had a new video up about religion in games. Perfect topic for me!Check out the parts on religion and … [Read more...]

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