The Truth About Married Life: One Month In

Before I got married I heard three different things:1) Some people said that everything changes. It's a huge shift in your life and you really feel it.2) Some people said that nothing changes and nothing feels different.3) Some people said that there was a subtle shift and a deeper sense of security.I really thought that I would be number three. I was sure that getting married would make me feel something new. Particularly because it's something that has been on my list of top … [Read more...]

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We’re Having a Wedding!

So yeah, Valentine's Day in the west is not all about rape and semi-nude dancing as some seem to believe. For me it has always been about committed partners acknowledging the love they have for one another. That aesthetic was perfectly matched last night when my boyfriend proposed over dinner.I knew it was going to happen because we went together to pick out the ring a couple of weeks earlier. I'm so touched that he still wanted to do a public proposal and the waiter who was taking this p … [Read more...]

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