Why Can’t We Have Certainty?

It's scary to admit doubt.I don't want anyone to think me less of a Hindu because deep in my heart I have fear. I wonder if it's all true. I wonder if I'm wrong and death will be nothing but an ending or an emptiness.Some people seem so very certain of their Gods and their beliefs. I wish I could be that way. I wish I could rest in the certainty that death is only a new beginning. But I'm afraid.It's frustrating that there are no solid answers in this life. We have no proof of any … [Read more...]

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Emotional Masochism

Note: We know that there are problems with the comment system and I'm quite frustrated as I want to hear your thoughts very much! One thing that may help is to pause any adblocker you may have for this site. Please do feel free to go to the "about" tab and contact me to tell me your experiences with the comment section. All information helps us work towards fixing the problem.Over the last several years I have become much more emotionally healthy. I think a lot of us have issues with … [Read more...]

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Is God Sensitive?

The discussion of the movie OMG over at my Facebook page got a bit more heated than it did here. I noticed a trend among people who found the movie distasteful and offensive. People are bothered by a lack of respect to our rituals. Perhaps even a lack of respect to our Gods.There's confusion over why God would help and support the character who disrupts tradition, insults the Gods, and takes advantage of people of faith.It seems to me that some people are very quick to get offended on … [Read more...]

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Meet A God: Ganesha

Ganesha, I think it is safe to say, is the most beloved of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He is loved by everyone who comes into contact with him, whether Hindu or not. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles and so he is usually the very first God you will pray to no matter the circumstance.It's easy to find a lot of information about Ganesha, from stories to images.  Here are some sites with a lot of stories about Ga … [Read more...]

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Why Do We Pray?

Prayer is something that I have a very hard time understanding.The idea of petitioning the Gods for a particular outcome feels very "off" to me. After all, my understanding of the universe is that it runs in perfect harmony with absolute justice. Actions have natural consequences and everything that we experience was a part of our fate to help our souls grow. Where does changing that narrative fit in? Why would begging change what happens in the world?I can understand prayer in terms of … [Read more...]

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Meet a God: Vishnu

Vishnu is the center of the Hindu trinity. He is the preserver and it is he who comes to earth to help when the balance of good and evil in the world becomes off. He is better known in some of his other forms: Krishna and Rama.According to legend there are nine or ten total avatars of Vishnu, most of whom have already appeared. The only one left is Kalki, whose appearance will come at the end of this cycle of the world. It is not uncommon for new sects to believe that their guru is a … [Read more...]

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