The Three Gunas

(Note: I am on my honeymoon this week, so if your comment doesn’t show up right away, give me a day or two!)I promised you a post about the gunas!So the word "guna" (Goooona) is usually translated as "quality" as in the types of qualities that things are made of.It is said that everything in creation has some combination of the three qualities in differing amounts. RajasThis one is energy, passion, anger, movementTamasThis one is inertia, dullness, l … [Read more...]

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You can’t just study: the three paths to God

Someone made a comment last week (and I can't remember now where it was, whether here or Facebook) that western Hindus are all about philosophy and not bhakti, which is devotion practices.He has a point. Leaving aside ISKCON which is full of westerners practicing bhakti, many of us follow Advaita and the emphasis is on learning, reading, studying, intellectually understanding.In Hinduism it is said that there are three different channels of spiritual growth and each person (or each … [Read more...]

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