False Gurus & Godmen (Criticisms of Hinduism Series)

Some of my fellow Hindus feel it is important to give reverence and respect to all Hindu holy men, gurus, saddhus, priests, etc. My experience has led me to a different approach.I haven't historically been bothered by portrayals in the media of Hindu "holy" men who are frauds and con men. Because it does happen. But I'm starting to understand now that the portrayals are rather one-sided. In the glee to tear down religion, stories are always focused on the "bad apples."The truth is that … [Read more...]

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Hearing the Wisdom of Gurus

Youtube is such a great resource! There are so many things we can use it for, and for me one of its best uses is to hear the wisdom of various gurus and spiritual teachers. There are many, many videos of lectures given by Hindu gurus.Here are some videos of gurus and teachers of Hinduism sharing their wisdom...I am so grateful to live in a time and place where I can hear these many lectures right in my own home!Image … [Read more...]

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Personal Stories of Hindu Gurus

A tradition that encourages complete devotion and worship of a human teacher is ripe for exploitation.I believe in gurus, but I also believe in always keeping your eyes open to make sure that you aren't being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous one. [Hindu-blog.com has an excellent post on avoiding fake swamis]When we think we have found the answers, or found someone who has the answers, it can be easy to dismiss things we are uncomfortable with. I believe in spiritual teachers, but I … [Read more...]

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Meet a Guru: Amma

The name "Amma" has been given to a woman whose real name is Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. The word Amma means "mother" (as the website Amma.org points out, it means "mother" in a number of languages). She is known to many as "The Hugging Saint."BackgroundIt is said that Amma was spiritual from the time she was a child in 1950s Kerala. Though her parents tried to get her married, she resisted and devoted herself to Krishna instead. Apparently she was so known for her devotionals that people … [Read more...]

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