When Is a Hat Just a Hat?

Okay, now that you know my deep dark secret, that I am terrifically fascinated with religious head covering, here's an interesting question...Where is the line between regular thing you would put on your head and a religious expression?I find that I have lines drawn in my mind, but I'm not sure that they are accurate or where exactly I have gotten the rules from. Example: hats are fine. We all wear hats in cold weather. Doesn't say anything about your religion. Hijabs are not okay. … [Read more...]

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Confession: I’m Fascinated By Hijabs

Personally I don't feel that me dressing like a Hindu, behaving like a Hindu, and generally living like a Hindu is at all appropriative. I am a Hindu, so I think it's appropriate! Sure, there aren't particular clothes that are labeled as Hindu, but there are clearly clothes in which you fit in during Hindu worship and clothes in which you do not.I'll tell you what is entirely inappropriate of me. I covet some of the religious expressions of religions that are not my own!I'm reluctant to … [Read more...]

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