The Bindi and the Job Interview

Over the summer I quit my office job to write full time. It turns out that I was a little premature in that decision and our budget is stretched far too tight for comfort right now. So I started looking for a part time job near our home to supplement my writing income. It had to be part time and it had to be close enough to our house for me to walk because my husband and I share one car.As I put in applications at Target, Subway, Game Stop, and grocery stores I started to wonder about my … [Read more...]

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The Hindu Identity Crisis & The Mindy Project

There is an issue with how young Hindus see themselves, perhaps particularly in America.I've encountered it again and again where someone identifies as Hindu because that's what they were raised but they have no sense of connection to it and no idea what any of it means. There's an "Oh, I guess I'm Hindu" but no attachment to it.I think this comes across very clearly in the show The Mindy Project.It's wonderful to have a show where the main character is an Indian American … [Read more...]

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India Still Has My Heart

It is 3:00 in the morning here as I write this. I got back home from India yesterday and collapsed in bed at about 6:00 pm! I have so very much to tell you about my wonderful trip. It was life changing in a subtle kind of way. There's so much to tell that I'll be spreading out my stories and thoughts over several posts. I think I have enough written in my journal for the next three months of posts!Being able to be present for the Shishya Swekaram in Sringeri was staggering. I thank the Gods … [Read more...]

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Hindus and Christmas

There are many, many Hindus who don't feel defensive about the holidays of other religions and happily join in celebrations for any festival. It is often said that Indians love to celebrate and will participate in any holiday that's available!It strikes me that you must be really secure and confident in your religion to be able to embrace and enjoy the holidays of other religions. I strive to be that way.For me it's hit or miss. Each year around Christmas is different for me. Some … [Read more...]

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Interviews with Americans of Indian Ethnicity: Mahesh

I have a new series for you, which is a set of interviews with a variety of young people who are American but have Indian families. I feel like I have a lot in common with the children of immigrants from India. We both are struggling to understand culture and religion that is divorced from its origin.  I have the advantage of being assumed to be American which is a pretty shitty thing, in my opinion. I hate that whiteness is seen as purely American and other ethnicities are not. Half my family … [Read more...]

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