Reading the Upanishads: Katha part four

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. Today is the fourth post of my favorite Upanishad: The Katha. This is the story of a boy who chatted with the God of death.Part Two 10 Yama said: I know that the treasure resulting from action is not eternal; for what is eternal cannot be obtained by the non—eternal. Yet I have performed the Nachiketa sacrifice with th … [Read more...]

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Can Meditation Permanently Change Your Brain?

This interesting article suggests that it can.Can meditation change your brain? Contemplative neuroscientists believe it canFrom CNN's Dan Gilgoff:...found that committed meditators experienced sustained changes in baseline brain function, meaning that they had changed the way their brains operated even outside of meditation. They have apparently found that very experienced meditators have an increased ability to focus and potentially an increased ability to tap into their … [Read more...]

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Hinduism Doesn’t Need Me

Sometimes on my Facebook page I post quotes about Hinduism, particularly quotes from western people who are praising Hinduism.I think a lot of people enjoy seeing non-Hindus acknowledge Hinduism's best qualities.Every so often though, someone will make the point that Indian Hindus shouldn't need praise from the West to believe in Hinduism.For example this comment on a picture shared by Resurging Hinduism on FB: Ashwin Kumar: we Hindus are in a pathetic stage that some one from we … [Read more...]

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