Happy Mahashivratri!

Lord Shiva's blessings to you all! Thank you for being part of this journey with me! If you missed it, here is my post with information on how to celebrate: Mahashivratri is Coming Up … [Read more...]

Ganesha: Everything You Need to Know


Ganesha is the elephant-headed God that is beloved by nearly all Hindus. Regardless of sect, branch, region, or family, it would be rare to find a Hindu who didn't have a Ganesh murti or some type of Ganesh symbol. Why Worship Ganesha* Stories * Symbolism * Holidays * How He Is Worshiped * Mantras and BhajansWhy Worship Ganesha? Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles (Vighneshwara). He is the one to pray to before starting any new endeavor. Often he is also honored first before sta … [Read more...]

Brahma: Everything You Need to Know


Brahma as a God is a little different from the other two in the trinity. He is less often worshiped directly. Perhaps because he is preoccupied with creation. Perhaps because he was cursed to be worshiped less. Perhaps because creation is done and now preservation and destruction are closer to us and our experience.Brahma v.s. Brahman*Why Worship Brahma* Stories*Symbolism*Worship*Brahma v.s. Brahman This can get a bit confusing, but Brahman is the word for the concept of the universal … [Read more...]

Is God Sensitive?


The discussion of the movie OMG over at my Facebook page got a bit more heated than it did here. I noticed a trend among people who found the movie distasteful and offensive. People are bothered by a lack of respect to our rituals. Perhaps even a lack of respect to our Gods.There's confusion over why God would help and support the character who disrupts tradition, insults the Gods, and takes advantage of people of faith.It seems to me that some people are very quick to get offended on … [Read more...]

How Do Hindu Followers Get Redemption [Google Questions Answered]


The first question is: redemption from what?If you're so stuck in a Christian mindset that you think people need to be saved from something (from some person thousands of years ago, who may have been mythological, eating a fruit?) then you're unlikely to ever understand Hinduism.When a belief system is that different from your own, you really have to be able to step outside your understanding of how to world is structured or you'll never be able to see another religion's structure. I … [Read more...]

Meet a God: Indra

Indra is the king of the Gods and in the same tier as Agni. I look at it as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are tier one, then there is a tier of Gods below them that are the ancient Vedic Gods like Agni and Indra. I'm not sure where Ganesha falls in, though, since he is probably the most worshiped of any God, yet is not part of the trinity! Maybe he is tier 1.5.Indra was very important in ancient times as a war God and also as a God of weather. He controls thunder and lightning, and bears some … [Read more...]

The Ten Avatars of Vishnu: a Guide

Avatars are not just a cartoon show or a movie or a video game persona. The word "Avatar" comes from a Sanskrit word that means "descent" and it refers to when a deity manifests in an earthly embodiment.Some believe that there is no limit to possible avatars and God will be born in the world whenever there is a severe need. People with this belief may see Jesus as an avatar, as well as many other respected spiritual teachers.Others believe in the ten avatars of Vishnu: that there are a … [Read more...]

Meet a Goddess: Kali


Kali is a powerfully interesting goddess. She defies expectation and turns cultural expectations on their heads. A modern woman can really relate to her life outside of social norms.She is not beautiful by the standards of society. She is full of the kind of female power that terrifies most people.Kali is a goddess of death, of time, of change. She is often shown with blood dripping from her mouth and the severed heads of men decorating her … [Read more...]

Meet a God: Hanuman

There is something about the animal aspect Gods that seem easier to relate to and feel comfortable with. I wonder why that is. Ganesha is so beloved and Hanuman is as well.I'm not sure whether one can really call Hanuman himself a God. He is said to be an incarnation of Shiva, so I guess he's a God in the sense that Krishna and Rama were Gods (human manifestations of Vishnu). The God Vayu of the wind was instrumental in his birth and so he is considered to be the brother of Bima from The … [Read more...]