Hindu Stories You Should Know

In America, even though it is not technically a "Christian nation," Christian stories and mythos underlie a lot of the culture. There are references to Biblical stories or sayings that are so ubiquitous you might not even realize that's where they're from! Once you start moving in Hindu circles, you will find that there are stories and references that are used as short-hand. Stories that are so universally known that they are used all the time for reference or metaphor. The Churning of the … [Read more...]

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Hinduism in Video Games

Did you know that there are computer and video games based on Hindu mythology? Actually, they are pretty much all the Ramayana, cause who can resist that action-packed story? :) Most are for kids and I'm disappointed that there aren't way more!Hinduism at About.com has an article highlighting a few flash games: http://hinduism.about.com/library/weekly/aa092300a.htmThis free games site has a Ramayana game too: http://www.f-r-e-e-games.com/Games-Adventure/Game-Ramayana.htmThere's even a … [Read more...]

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Meet a God: Vishnu

Vishnu is the center of the Hindu trinity. He is the preserver and it is he who comes to earth to help when the balance of good and evil in the world becomes off. He is better known in some of his other forms: Krishna and Rama.According to legend there are nine or ten total avatars of Vishnu, most of whom have already appeared. The only one left is Kalki, whose appearance will come at the end of this cycle of the world. It is not uncommon for new sects to believe that their guru is a … [Read more...]

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